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 Our longevity protocols are meticulously designed to elevate your body and spirit. Enjoy these treatments in combination for increased cellular regeneration, enhanced turnover of the epidermis and overall wellbeing.


Microcurrent is the delivery of non-ablative energy deep into the muscle tissue. Just like going to the gym tones your muscles for a sculpted physique, microcurrent delivered to the facial and neck muscles can reduce sag and lift the skin from underneath. This one-hour treatment is totally painless and instantly plumps the skin. We offer a complimentary lymphatic drainage massage to enhance the effects of microcurrent, resulting in a more sculpted jawline, lifted face and increased blood flow to facial tissues.


$2,000 HKD 

Asian woman getting a facial treatment at a spa

Professional Exfoliation

Sometimes your skin just needs a little TLC. Our Revive facial includes a thorough cleansing, massage and application of a gentle enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells and reveal your natural, glowing skin. Lymphatic drainage massage smooths away interstitial fluid causing puffy skin and delivers oxygen-rich blood to facial tissues. Followed by LED Light Therapy, you'll see a brighter, more even complexion. Each treatment includes a 45 minute facial and 15 minute Light Therapy session.

$1,500 HKD


The Renew body treatment uses manual diamond microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cellular turnover (a key component in building new collagen). Once we buff your body until it's soft and smooth, we apply a light alpha hydroxy peel combined with nourishing body oil. Topped off with a 30 minute full-body LED Light Therapy session and your body will be smooth and glowing from head to toe. The total treatment lasts one hour.

$1,800 HKD


Achieve smoother, firmer skin with collagen induction therapy. This minimally invasive treatment stimulates the production of collagen without heat or destroying skin cells. Tiny channels made in the epidermal level of the skin allow for penetration of peptides, exosomes and skin boosters, while your bodies' own healing process releases growth factors resulting in cellular renewal at surface of the skin. Microneedling not only results in tighter skin and a reduction in visible pores, but can also treat hyperpigmentation without thinning the skin like some lasers. 


Each one-hour treatment is completed with an Epicutis professional peptide mask and LED Light Therapy for optimal healing and cellular regeneration.

starting at

$2,500 HKD

Laser Facial Treatment

Red Light and Near Infrared LED Light Therapy

Whether you're looking to increase your skin's natural glow or treat minor aches and pains, LED Light Therapy can do it all. Using the 3 frequencies (630, 660 and 850 nm) clinically proven to stimulate new collagen formation, increase blood flow to injured areas and lower inflammation, LED Light Therapy is an indispensable tool in your longevity journey.

Book your 30 minute session or add LED Light Therapy to any of our other longevity treatment for a synergistic effect.

$500 HKD

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy ("HBOT") uses a pressurized environment with increased oxygen concentration to increase oxygen levels carried by red blood cells.  This treatment has been clinically proven to lower inflammation, heal soft tissues, support cardiovascular health and increase stem cell production. Most sessions last between one hour and 90 minutes.


Please be aware HBOT is not suitable for anyone with a lung injury (pneumothorax or recent thoracic surgery), inability to equalize ear pressure, respiratory or sinus infection, seizure disorder or uncontrolled blood pressure or diabetes. You will be required to sign a waiver and consent prior to booking this treatment.

$1,400 HKD / 60 minutes


Recovery Room:
Infrared Sauna + Cold Plunge

Enjoy the health benefits of infrared sauna combined with cold plunge. Our infrared sauna can reach a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, releasing toxins through sweating and challenging your cardiovascular system. After 15 minutes of sauna, hop into the cold plunge tub for an incredible endorphin rush. Then start the cycle again! A great way to spend time with your friends - our sauna can accommodate 4 people. 

Enjoy this unique one-hour experience in our private room dedicated to personalized recovery. 

$1,000 HKD - 1 person

$1,500 HKD - 2 people

$1,7500 HKD - 3 people

$2,000 HKD - 4 people

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